Today I will present you another minimalist beautiful luxury apartment real estate marbella.
Price: fifty thousand euros
Number of rooms: two + hallway, kitchen and bathroom
Area: seventy square meters

When we enter the apartment through a white door, as the first room we can see the stairs to the hallway, on which there is a gray sofa. The white stairs have a black handrail on one side to hold on to. Opposite the sofa is a large round glass mirror, which is one of the biggest advantages of the apartment, because you can see it, for example, when you are in a hurry and do not have time to go back to the bathroom. Second in the apartment on the side of the hallway we can see the bathroom, which is completely furnished in dark gray foundations. The bathroom is really modern. It looks like it is divided into another room in front of the toilet itself, where there are two smaller but spacious washbasins. The entire bathroom is illuminated with white lights. The bathroom also has a bathtub, so you can relax here. Next we can see a beautiful living room connected to a small bar in the kitchen.


The living room is very minimalist, set in gray-white-black. In the living room there is a sofa that is light gray and opposite it there are round round tables in black and around it there are also black chairs for sitting. The bar with kitchen is set in black and white and is very elegant, so you feel comfortable and at home. On the bar top is a small vase with a beautiful bouquet, which gives the whole apartment the smell of home. Furthermore, we can see a children\’s room for a three-year-old girl, which is set in pink and white. The room has a large spacious bed with pink clothes and the walls of the children\’s room are white. Next to the bed is a toy snail for a child, with whom a little girl plays a lot. The whole house is decorated in dark colors, but it is also elegant.